New Book -- Passport to the Paranormal

Welcome to the new website and the release of a new book!  There's been a lot going on so it only makes sense to update and refresh my "online presence" along with the new tome.

The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide is the first book that I wrote for Llewellyn Publishing and it is getting a bit long in the tooth, so when the subject came up of doing an update, I decided a complete new reboot was needed.  That particular guide had over a thousand haunted places listed in it, which didn't allow me to include a whole lot of information about each individual place.  I cut that amount down to about a third and expanded the info for each site.  I also decided to give it a new title, Passport to the Paranormal.

In addition to this, I really only included my favorite haunted spots across the country; after a decade of paranormal travel and filming with television programs (Discover, Travel Channel, Fuji TV, etc.), I have had more than enough experiences to fill this book...which brings us to the second addition to this update:  Personal experiences.

As mentioned, I've stayed (and worked) in a LOT of haunted places, so I've had quite a few encounters over the years.  Along with the basic information about these spots, I've included a few of my personal stories in the book, too.  Some were while visiting for fun, some while shooting for television shows.  Either way, you will read about some of my ghostly encounters.

At the time of this post, Passport to the Paranormal is now officially released.  It is available through all the typical, fine book sellers around the world and ready to be added to your travel bag.  Like me, I'm sure you, too, like to visit (and sleep) at haunted places--and if you follow my guide you will soon have some paranormal experiences for yourself.  Just be sure to drop me an email and let me know about your adventures.